Guide Program

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Spa Night

For our meeting the week after camp, we decided to have the requested Spa Night and work on the Feeling Good Badge.

As the girls arrived, they worked in their Patrols to brainstorm a list of ways to deal with stress.

We began with our usual opening ceremony, followed by an active game chosen and led by the evening's Active Living Patrol.

Our first activity was to create a Unit list of ways to deal with stress. Each girl then created her own "Stress Less" booklet with ideas to use when she is feeling stressed. We also made Butterflies of Happiness to help the girls identify things that make them happy and that may be activities they could use to reduce stress. The girls drew an outline of a butterfly and then wrote things that make them happy inside before colouring and decorating it.

Next, we moved on to a bit of yoga stretching led by two of the Guides and a relaxation exercise using the "Connect With My Breathing" exercise found in the WAGGGS World Thinking Day 2016 Package.

The remainder of the evening was devoted to Spa activities. The girls tried pedicures, skin care, nails and hair activities.