Guide Program

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

NSP: Words in Action

Our final meeting of January was spent working on the National Service Project: Words in
Action, in honour of Family Literacy Day (January 27th).

We began with our usual opening ceremony, followed by an active game chosen and led by the evening's Active Living Patrol.

Our first activity was to discuss literacy. We started out with reading and writing, where the girls shared the types of books they like to read and what, if anything, they like to write. We then asked what they thought literacy meant and explained that it can include lots of different things, such as understanding numbers and doing basic math (i.e. budgeting), reading information signs, reading a map, understanding information in an article, or being able to use a computer.

We then moved on to the Story Sack Project. Each Patrol was asked to choose a fairy tale and complete an organizer sheet to plan out what they would need to make for their story sack. Once they had filled out the organizer, they were allowed free use of craft supplies and materials that we had brought out of our cupboard.

We needed lots of time to clean up and put away supplies, and didn't have time for a campfire before closing.