Guide Program

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Healthy Eating at Zehrs

For the second week of January we were unable to use our regular meeting location, so we booked a store tour and session and Zehrs. The Guides worked on the Healthy Eating Badge and the Pathfinders worked on the We Are What We Eat Module.

When we arrived, we were welcomed by the in-store Dietitian, Jamie, and went upstairs to the Community Room. We learned about the vitamins and nutrients in foods and what they do for our bodies, macro- and micro-nutrients, how to read a nutrition facts panel, and what the daily percentages mean.

We then went out into the store and visited the various departments. We learned about serving sizes, making healthier choices, and the nutrients and vitamins contains in different food groups. We also compared products to find the difference between different brands and types of food within the same food group.

The meeting ended with a taste-test of Vanilla Greek Yogurt and reminders for camp on the weekend!