Guide Program

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Zoe Goes to Brazil

2016 started with out annual Zoe Challenge night. This year we worked on Zoe Goes to Brazil.

As the girls arrived, each Patrol was asked to make a list of ideas for food, games and activities at winter camp.

We had our usual opening ceremony, followed by an active game led by our Active Living patrol for the evening.

Our first activity was to learn a bit more about Brazil and Guiding there. We did this using a short Powerpoint presentation on a tablet to illustrate the information being shared.

We then moved on to crafts, making beach frames and pictures to go in them. The beach frames were made using shells and basic wooden frames. They were inspired by the beautiful beaches found in Brazil. The artwork was based on the work of Romero Britto, a Brazilian artist, who started out drawing on scraps of newspaper and cardboard. His work shows colorful images and can be found in galleries and museums in over 100 countries.

We then played a game from Brazil, "Gato Doente" (Sick Cat). In this game, one player is the cat, or gato. When the game starts, the gato chases the other players. When a player is tagged, they become a gato doente (sick cat) and must hold the part that has been tagged with one hand. The sick cats must chase all the others until only one healthy player is left. (This game proved to be quite popular and we played a few different rounds.)

We ended our meeting with a campfire and Taps.