Guide Program

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Enrolment 2017

This week we enrolled our new Guides and Pathfinders, and also participated in our first Girls First activity as Testing Units.

For Girls First, we talked to the girls about how the new program is going to be structured, and then got their opinions on badge shapes for the Areas of Program and Theme badges. The new program will have 7 Areas of Program (AOPs) and each AOP will have 3-4 Themes - and all of these will have a badge! We also talked about interest badges, program badges and fun/challenge badges and surveyed the girls on the importance of each to the Guiding program. For more information on Girls First, please visit

For enrolment, we reused a ceremony from a few years ago about the Keys of Guiding. The girls all stood in a horseshoe
with the Pathfinders and Rangers at one end and Guides forming the opposite side and bottom. We welcomed our guests, and then two Pathfinders came forward holding the 'door' (bristol board with coloured doors on it). Each Guide with a speaking part then came up, read her piece and stuck her key onto the doorway for her section of the program.

Girl #1 - The Guiding program has 6 key areas. Girls in all branches of the program have the opportunity to explore, experiment, and learn through activities based on these keys.

Girl #2 - I use my key to open the door to the Arts. As a Guide I can explore my creativity through drama, drawing, games, crafts, dance and music. (Purple)

Girl #3 - I use my key to open the door to STEM. As a Guide I can experiment with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. (Orange)

Girl #4 - I use my key to open the door to Camping and the Outdoors. As a Guide I can go on overnight adventures, take part in outdoor activities, and explore the natural environment. (Green)

Girl #5 - I use my key to open the door to Service and My Community. As a Guide I can give back to my community and make a difference in the world. (Red)

Girl #6 - I use my key to open the door to World Guiding. As a Guide I have 10 million sisters in 150 different countries and I can learn about cultures, the lives of girls, and Guiding around the world. (Blue)

Girl #7 - I use my key to open the door to Personal Growth. As a Guide I can practice skills I'll need in the future like communication, leadership, problem solving and teamwork.

Each Patrol was then called up and the Patrol Leaders presented the girls their new Guides and everyone said the Promise which each Patrol. After all the Guides were enrolled, we talked briefly about the challenges we have worked on so far (Sing Ontario Sing, #TeamGirl, and Girl Guides Go Galactic) and then presented Membership Pins and badges to each individual Guide. We had one Cookie All-Star reward to present from last year - a $125 Best Buy gift card for our 40-case seller!

The Pathfinders were then surprised with their own enrolment, and we welcomed 5 new Pathfinders into our group. The Pathfinders were also presented with Membership Pins, individual badges and challenges. With enrolments finished, we thanked our guests for coming and served cupcakes and lemonade to everyone.