Guide Program

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Fun With Fashion

This week we delved into the badge box and came out with a large number of Fashion badges. Wanting to use up some of our supply, we adapted the badge requirements and had an evening of 'Fun With Fashion'!

As the Guides arrived, they were asked to design a new Guide Uniform for 2060 (our 150th birthday!). There were some very unique designs - as well as some that look very much like our current uniform.

We held our usual opening and one of the Guides led an active game. The Guides were introduced to our theme and the planned activities and shared what they have done with outgrown clothing (given to siblings or relatives, passed on to neighbours, donated, or sold at mom-to-mom sales, etc.).

Our next activity was to watch a presentation on traditional and ceremonial clothing around the world and then try putting on a sari. We then divided up into Patrols, where the girls designed their own fashions using newspapers and masking tape. Each Patrol had to dress one or two of their members and we then had a runway walk where the designs were modeled and explained by their designers!

The remainder of the meeting was spent designing and making Fascinators. Each girl was given a headband and we provided fun foam, felt, ribbon, flowers, tulle, pipe cleaners, pompoms and feathers for them to work with (a great way to use up those miscellaneous supplies in the cupboard!). There were some really creative designs!