Guide Program

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Girl Guides Go Galactic!

This week we belatedly celebrated World Space Week. It was also one of those meetings where we had a plan, but changed it based on what the girls wanted to do.

We started out by practicing the horseshoe and working on learning the Guide Marching Song. (We still need a bit of practice!)

Our first activity was a trivia relay race to learn about the different planets in the solar system. The Guides lined up in their Patrols and a series of clues were read out. Once the Patrol figured out which planet was being described, one person ran to the other end of the room to find the planet itself and bring it back to the Patrol. Once each Patrol had all of the planets, they were challenged to put them in order from nearest to furthest from the sun.

We then played an active game to look at how planets orbit the sun. One girl was the sun and had a beach ball. The other girls chose their planets and walked or ran in a circle around the sun. The challenge - the sun kept moving! This was a great activity for using up some excess energy.

Our final big activity was intended to be origami alien bookmarks, but became a lengthy session of origami in general. The girls made bookmarks, cootie catchers, and other folded creations!

As a final game, we played Planets, a fruit salad-type game using different planets instead of fruit. We ended with a couple of songs, reminders for next week (no meeting) and Taps.