Guide Program

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Streetwise & Girls for Safer Communities

The last week of November was devoted to learning about safety as we worked on the Streetwise Badge and Girls for Safer Communities Challenge.

As the girls arrived, each Patrol was challenged to come up with a list of ways they could stay safe in the community. After our opening and an active game (Everybody's It Tag), we discussed the lists and came up with a 'top 10' list of safety tips. In sharing the lists, everyone learned new ways to increase their personal safety.

We then looked at the Safety Audit forms we completed on our Safety Hike in September. We discussed what we had observed, and then each group made posters and skits related to the issues and promoting safety.

Next we split up into patrols and each was given a street map of the town. We took turns finding different locations on the map and giving directions to each other. The discussion included finding the safest routes to different places, areas where there are hazards, and places the girls could get help.

Our final activity, after exploring the maps of the community, was to create personal maps. Each girl or pair created a map showing local places of importance to them (i.e. home, school, church).