Guide Program

Tuesday, 11 November 2014


November 11th was our enrolment ceremony, where we added 8 new members to the Guide family. We were also able to present our Junior Leader, Ocean Lee, with her 12 year pin and our only Pathfinder, Lynsey, with her 10 year pin.
We had a very simple ceremony where girls held up signs about different parts of the Guide program, followed by the normal enrolment ceremony, badge presentations and cake and juice. Ocean-Lee and Lynsey led a sing-song at the end of the evening.

Our Ceremony


All of us here play a part in the Guiding days of each new Guide, who will make her Promise tonight. We do many different things in Guides and each of us represents one of the many aspects of the Program.

Girl 1 - I bring friends to work and grow together. "Friends"
Girl 2 - I bring fun to keep each Guide enthusiastic. "Fun"
Girl 3 - I bring the learning of new skills through challenges and badges. "Challenges"
Girl 4 - I bring service in helping others. "Service"
Girl 5 - I bring crafts for fun and achievement. "Crafts"
Girl 6 - I bring outings to broaden our horizons. "Outings"
Girl 7 – I bring games that keep us active and teach us to work as a team. “Games”
Girl 8 - I bring camping for fellowship, enjoyment and appreciation of our great outdoors. "Camping"
Girl 9 - I bring experiments and inventions to help explore the scientific world. "STEM"

Guiding includes all of these things – and so much more. Tonight we are excited to welcome 8 new members into the Guide family.

Enroll Guides