Guide Program

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Odds & Ends

We started November off with an 'Odds & Ends' meeting. This is a meeting where we finish up different activities and make plans for future meetings.

As the girls arrived they were asked to check the new Patrol Job Chart to find out what their patrol was responsible for and then each patrol was asked to make a list of campfire songs that they know. As we have four patrols, the jobs are: Set Up/Clean Up (help get out and put away supplies from the cupboard), Promise/Taps (one girl from the patrol leads the Promise at the beginning of the meeting and another girl leads Taps at the end), Game (patrol chooses and leads an active game), Campfire (patrol chooses 2-3 songs to sing at the end of the meeting ~ this will eventually evolve into running a short campfire program).

We then held our usual opening ceremony, followed by an active game.

Our first activity of the evening was to talk about plans for Enrolment and how the ceremony works. After this, we divided up into three groups. The New Guides made invitations for Enrolment and practiced the Promise; the 2nd Year Guides started working on the Campfire Leading Badge by making up new lyrics to camp songs and thinking up ideas for skits, mimes and campfire games; and the 3rd Year Guides discussed the Lady Baden-Powell Challenge, brainstormed ideas for service projects and started working on a presentation about Lady B-P.

Partway through the evening we stopped for another active game, and towards the end of the meeting we all practiced the basic enrolment ceremony. Our meeting ended with singing and Taps.