Guide Program

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Winter Camp at Camp Teka

On the first weekend of February the 2nd Caledonia Guides and the 1st New Dundee Guides, joined by 2 Pathfinders, 2 Rangers and 4 Guiders headed to Camp Teka for a weekend of winter fun. The theme for the weekend was Performing Arts, but we also made lots of time for outdoor activities and completed the Alberta Camp Challenge Winter Segment.

On Friday evening, as the girls arrived, they decorated Warm Fuzzy Bags. They were then challenged to put a 'warm fuzzy' in very other girl's bag by the end of the weekend - a warm fuzzy is a nice message, picture, thank you, etc.

Our first craft was Masks. Each girl was given a mask to paint and decorate.While we waited for the paint to dry, we went outside for a Glow Stick Scavenger Hunt (over 40 glow sticks were hidden around the camp buildings and the Guides were divided into teams to find as many as they could!). We came back inside to a snack of oatmeal muffins and hot chocolate before finishing up our masks. The girls then played cards, talked, and crafted until bedtime.

Saturday morning got off to a good start with a pancake and sausage breakfast, followed by morning camp duties. Our first activity was Garbage Bag Skits. The girls divided into small groups and each group was given a garbage back with 8 random props. Their task was to create a skit using all of their group members and all of the props!

After the skits were performed, we headed outside for the rest of the morning. The 3rd Year Guides set out on a hike with one Guider and the 1st and 2nd Year Guides went off with two other Guiders. Both groups were challenged to use their senses while they walked and to look for signs of life in winter. The 1st and 2nd Year Guides had an unexpectedly adventurous hike when we ended up on the old rail line trail and had to climb over, under and around undergrowth, branches, and downed trees!

Returning to camp, we enjoyed tacos for lunch, followed by camp duties and free time. Later in the afternoon, the 3rd Year Guides headed out on another hike, and 4 younger Guides choose to stay inside and make simple marionette puppets while the remainder of the Guides went outside for some sledding. More free time was followed by a dinner of home-made pizza.

Our evening program started out with a series of drama games:
  • Rag Doll Shake - In this activity, girls stand in a circle and relax one body part at a time (Head, neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, arms, etc.). Once they have relaxed each body party, they flop forward at the waist with the arms and head hanging loosely.
  • Moving Together - The whole group does this activity together. An instruction is given, and the group has to act it out. All instructions start with 'move as though you are moving through ...' and end with things such as a bowl of marbles, a roomful of feathers, a swamp of mosquitoes, a swimming pool of ice water, a bowl of lime jello.
  • Without Your Voice - This activity challenges the girls to use their bodies to make short statements - no sounds or words allowed! Examples include: say "stop" with your palm, say "I don't understand" with your eyes, say "I smell fresh pie" with your tongue, say "I'm slipping" with your legs.
  • Let's Pretend - Use your body to show how you would react if you were ... - stung by a bee, an elephant getting leaves from a tall tree, a cat following a mouse, leaping over a mud puddle
  • Wax Candle Melt - We added Snowman as an option to this activity. Girls stood or sat in a relaxed position and imagined being a snowman or candle. They then acted out how they would melt.
After these games, it was time for our Art & Talent Show, which ended our program for the evening.

Sunday morning was busy as we packed, finished off the leftovers for breakfast, and cleaned the building. Our Pathfinders and Rangers planned and led a closing for us before every one went home.
Tall Trees
Land of the Silver Birch & My Paddle
Purple Stew
(Camp Likes & Dislikes)
On My Honour
Daylight Taps

The discussion of what everyone liked and disliked about camp showed us that the girls loved the hikes and making new friends, followed closely by crafts, drama activities, and the food! Most girls would either change nothing about camp or add more "adventurous hikes"(!), while more crafts and more sleep were both suggested by others.