Guide Program

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Cookies Rising

We started off February with our annual Cookie night to complete the Cookies Rising Badge.

As the girls arrived, they started working on a Cookie Banner (Financial - Goal Setting) with information about cookies and cookie sales and ideas for how we could use the money we earn from our cookie sales. We then had our usual opening ceremony and an active game before moving into the rest of our program for the evening.

Our first activity was to learn a bit about Girl Guide Cookie History (GGC - History of GGC Cookies). We learned that:
  • Girl Guide Cookie Sales start when Christina Riepsamen and the 4th Regina Guide Company bake cookies to raise funds for camping. These cookies are sold for $0.10 per dozen.
  • Cookie Sales started in Ontario in 1929. At first, cookies are baked by the girls and their mothers.
  • Cookies in the 1930s are made with fruits, nuts and spices, but the recipe is lost when production stops due to the War
  • Vanilla cream, maple cream and shortbread cookies are available in 1946, changing to a Scotch-crunch cookie in 1949. 
  • The chocolate and vanilla cookies we love were first made in 1953, and became our annual spring cookie in 1966.
  • We sold peanut butter cookies for one year only - 1988 (when M. was a Brownie!)
  • Cholately Mint cookies came along in 1993 and we started having two cookie campaigns per year. 
Read the blog post "Cookies in Canada" to learn more!

We then moved on to inventing Cookie Mascot Puppets (Social - Creativity). Each girl was asked to think of a character and create a puppet using construction paper, markers and coffee stirrers. The girls then got into groups to invent advertisements for cookies using their mascot puppets. (Business - Marketing)

The second half of our meeting was spent preparing for WAGGGS Night next week. Each Patrol had chosen a country and worked on creating a poster about the country and Guiding there, and choosing and practicing a game from their chosen country to teach to the rest of the Unit.

We ended with clean-up, announcements and Taps.