Guide Program

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Fall Frolic 2016: Healthy Harvest

On Saturday, October 1st, 3 Guides and 2 Guiders joined 250 other Sparks, Brownies, Guides and Guiders at Camp Teka in Paris, Ontario for the annual Fall Frolic Event. This year's theme was Healthy Harvest, and the Guides completed the requirements for the Farming Badge.

Although we had heavy rain early in the morning, and it was overcast, there was only a bit of light rain during the day - something we were very happy about! We met at the High School and walked into camp. The participants were divided up into branch groups and then into smaller groups - we were with 2 other Guide Units and had a group of 28 girls. The day was arranged as a rotation of 6 different activity stations.

Everyone also received a bag full of 'freebies', including a pen, key chain, sling bag, activity sheets, information sheets, wipe-off menu planners, and recipes. These items were provided courtesy of Zehrs' Markets, Egg Farmers of Ontario, Ontario Berry Growers Association, Dairy Farmers of Canada, Ontario Pork, Beef Farmers of Ontario, Ontario Cattlemen's Association, and Farm & Food Care Ontario.

Zehrs' 3 Stars
At our first station, Elyse, a Dietician from Zehrs', talked to the girls about healthy foods, eating the rainbow, and played a game. In the game, the girls were divided up into smaller groups, and a large coloured die was rolled. The groups then had to come up with as many fruits and vegetables as they could that matched the colour (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or purple).

Next up, we learned all about farming and cattle from Sandy, who raises beef cows. The girls learned about the differences between different cattle breeds and the care of cattle, worked on a giant puzzle about local crops, explored different products that are made from different parts of a cow, and tried different puzzles.

We were able to warm up a bit while we did crafts inside the Longhouse. We made shrink art tags and beaded corn. After this session, we had a break for lunch.

After lunch, it was of to Games (my favourite session!). Our group was divided into three smaller groups to tackle the different games:
  • Hoops - Each girl had a small hoola hoop. They had to roll the hoop using only one hand from the starting point, around a pylon, and back to the start. They had to let go of the hoop (not hold onto it the whole time) and get it to roll along. If the hoop fell over, they had to start again.
  • Sack Race - A traditional sack race using soya bean sacks!
  • Rubber Chicken Games - One game was like Over-Under, where the girls had to squeeze the chicken twice before passing it to the next player; another was a relay where the chicken started at the back of the line, each person had to squeeze it twice before passing it forward, and then the person at the front had to run to the end of the playing area and back - squeezing the chicken the whole time!
  • Ball Passing - This was my favourite game - it was also the most challenging - and it would be a great teambuilding activity. Each girl had a foot-long piece of PVC pipe (the pipe had been cut in half length-wise, so each piece was a trough). They stood in a line, with their pieces of pipe touching. A small ball was placed in the first girl's pipe, and it rolled along - once the ball left the first girl's pipe, she had to run to the end of the line and place her pipe beside the last person's (the idea was to create a continuous trough for the ball to roll along). Ideally, the group would make their way to a metal pail, and the ball would drop into the pail. Both groups made it to the pail, but didn't quite get the ball into it.

For our Drama session, the Guiders had to get involved as living scarecrows. Yes, the girls were split into teams and had to dress a Guider (there are no photos of this...). They also did other activities, including acting out a day on a farm.

Our final session of the day was Music. Here, we sang some old favourites and learned some new songs - all with the common theme of food!
The day ended with everyone singing Lu La and Daylight Taps. We then walked out of camp and back to the High School to meet parents.