Guide Program

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Arts in the Outdoors

This week we took advantage of the good weather to explore the arts in the outdoors. As the girls arrived, they played tag in the hall.

We started out by having another go at forming a horseshoe - much better this time! The girls who went to Fall Frolic on the weekend then shared what they enjoyed about the event, and the Guiders explained the plan for the evening. Outside, the Guides had a choice of a variety of different activities:

Leaf & Bark Rubbings
We provided paper and crayons and let the girls explore the different textures found in nature - leaves, bark, acorns, stones, etc.

This was the most popular activity! We had pre-cut paper from a sketch pad into quarters and provided sharpened pencils, erasers, and clipboards as the girls went out to draw what they could see in nature.

Watercolour Painting
Painting proved a hit and we have some talented painters in our Unit! We pre-cut white cardstock into quarters and provided watercolour palettes, water, brushes and clipboards for the girls to create nature-inspired paintings.

Drama & Dance
For those girls looking for a more active way to express their creativity, we offered the option of creating nature inspired dances, using creative movement to recreate nature, or

Music & Creative Writing
Three groups wrote original songs about nature and one girl wrote a poem - and all were brave enough to perform them for the Unit!

Shortly before 8pm, we cleaned up and moved back indoors. One of the Guides led a game of Blob Tag and then the girls had an opportunity to share what they had been working on. We have some talented artists, singers, songwriters and poets!

To end the meeting, we learned two songs - Five Green and Speckled Frogs and Land of the Silver Birch - before closing with Taps.