Guide Program

Friday, 13 November 2015

Pathfinder Day!

Friday, November 13th was a PA day for all of the girls so we held a 'Pathfinder Day' to work on a variety of projects and activities.

We started the day by working on the Web Surfin' Module and WAGGGS Surf Smart Challenge.
Activity #1 Your Online Footprint - We made a list all the different ways the internet has a positive affect on our lives (including favourite websites/apps) and a second about ways that the internet can have a negative impact on our lives. This led into a discussion about social networks/media, online privacy, how once a picture is posted it's out there permanently, and cyberbullying. (Connect #1, Respect #1 & 11)

Activity #2 Tweeting - We chose 3 objects (an IPhone, Tablet and Laptop) and each girl hadto write a story including all 3 items in 140 characters or less. We talked about how social media that limits the number of characters may not always give you all the information you need about an event, issue or situation. (Connect #2)
Activity #3 - Online Safety Top-Tips - As a group we game up with a list of top tips for staying safe online and then created a commercial (Protect #1)
Activity #4 - Avatars - As we all spend time online, the girls designed their own avatars. (Protect #6)
Activity #5 - Safety Pledge - Finally, we wrote our own safety pledge.
I pledge to make sure that my Guardians know about any site that I go on. I will make responsible choices and go on sites that I know are safe/appropriate. I will not speak to anyone on a site that I don't know and I will do my best to help others stay safe.

We then moved on to a snack. We baked cookies and had fruit and yogurt dip.

Our service projects for the day were filling Birthday Bags and making Super Hero Capes for a women's shelter. We filled 10 bags with cake mixes, frosting, balloons, streamers, napkins, and a small gift. We made 10 capes that double as fleece blankets, but can be worn like a superhero cape.

Lunch was perogies with bacon, cheese and sour cream. The girls explored plate presentation before eating.

After lunch, the girls then planned out activities they could do to help younger girls learn about Healthy Eating (We Are What We Eat #6). The came up with a game about different serving sizes, an activity to make meal plates using pictures from flyers, and a classification game to help girls learn what foods are in which food groups.

The day ended with finishing up work on the blankets and cleaning up before everyone headed home.