Guide Program

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

We Love Our Pets!

Our first meeting of April was devoted to learning about Pet Care and completing some of the requirements for the Pet Lover Badge.

Joan Robinson from the Grand River Veterinary Hospital visited to teach girls about the proper care for their pets. She also brought along 2 canine friends - Canon and Caber!. The girls learned about the importance of correct handing, feeding, grooming, exercise and medical care for their pets; signs of illness and what to do if their pet is sick or hurt; how to determine the right type and amount of food their pet needs; and what happens when a pet visits the vet.

Each girl also shared photos and something special about their pet.

Girls wishing to finish the badge need to care for a pet for at least 2 weeks and return the chart provided with a parent/guardian signature and a list of the tasks they did to care for their pet.