Guide Program

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Arts & Crafts

Our final meeting of March was devoted to Arts and Crafts as requested by the girls.

We began with our usual opening and an active game, then moved right into crafting for the rest of the evening. The girls had the choice of 3 different craft activities, and could choose to do as few or as many as they wished.

(a) Floral Baskets - Girls were provided with a wicker basket and flowers and ribbon to decorate it.

(b) Painting - Girls were given a 4" x 6" stretched canvas on wood to paint in any way they wished.

(c) SWAPS - A variety of craft supplies were made available and the girls could create their own small crafts. Girls attending Tekarama 8 in June were encouraged to start making SWAPS.

We ended with a thorough clean-up of the room and Taps.