Guide Program

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Teamwork Challenge

Welcome to 2015! Our first meeting in January was all about Teamwork and based on the UK Guide Program's "Go For It! Teamwork".

As the girls arrived, each Patrol was asked to make up a short skit showing ways to manage a different situation. The Bluebells had problems with bullying; the Hollies had problems with someone making fun of their hair, clothes, etc.; the Violets had problems with homework and school-related stress; and the Daffodils had problems with fighting with siblings.

After our opening, we played an active game (Tag), and then each patrol presented their skit.

Our next activity was the Monster Memory Game. The girls were divided up into groups of 3-4 and chose one player to the be the artist. Nine information cards were hidden around the room. At a given signal, the other team members had to get up and find the instruction cards. They could only take the information on the card (not the card itself) back to their artist to draw the monster.
Instruction Cards:
A. It has 4 eyes and 3 ears.
B. It has green hair.
C. It has feathers.
D. It has 4 long, skinny arms.
E. No body part is the same colour as another.
F. It has 7 legs.
G. It has a big smile.
H. It has 6 fingers on each hand.
I. It has 3 toes on each foot.

We then moved on to a series of Teamwork Challenges, encouraging the girls to work in different groups and with different people.
  • Cross the Ocean - Each patrol has to "sail" their "boat" (a sheet of newspaper) from one end of the room to the other and back. Everyone must be touching the boat at all times; when "Shark Attack" is called, the girls have until the count of 3 to get everyone onto the boat to save the boat from sinking; when "Swim" is called, everyone picks up their boat and runs.
  • Pass the Can - Players sit in a circle. An empty coffee can is put on on person's foot. Players have to pass the can around the circle using only their feet. If the can falls to the ground, they must start over. (Hint: It helps if the players take their shoes off.)
  • Back to Back - Girls divide into pairs. Challenge each pair to sit down on the floor with their backs to each other, link elbows, and stand up without unlinking their arms. Once a pair is successful, they find another pair to form a larger group, and repeat. Eventually, the entire group is in a circle and tries to stand up from a sitting position.
  • Tied - All the girls line up across one end of the room. At the start signal, they all move to towards the finish line at the other end. The catch is that everyone must cross the finish line (or touch the end wall) at the same time.
The final activity of the evening required the girls to work in groups. Each group linked arms so that the people on the ends each had one hand free. This gave the group a left hand and a right hand to complete their task. They were given paper and markers and a series of drawing instructions were given. The people in the middle of the groups could speak and give advice to the hands, and also remember instructions. The results were very unique!