Guide Program

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

International Day of the Girl 2015

We started October by celebrating the International Day of the Girl and holding Patrol Leader elections.

As the girls arrived, they were asked to sign the Unit Contract that we created last week. We then held our usual Opening followed by an Active Game.

Our first activity of the evening was Patrol Leader elections. Each enrolled Guide who wished to be considered for election made a brief statement about why they would make a good Patrol Leader and then each Guide was able to vote for the four girls they thought would be the best leaders. After casting their ballots, each girl was able to write down the names of girls they would like to be in a patrol with and we tallied the results and announced the new patrols at the end of the meeting.

We moved onto the IDG activities, beginning with a brief discussion of what makes someone a hero and then creating our own Hero Tree. Each girl wrote names or drew pictures on leaves to show people who they consider heroes and we made a 'tree' on the back of a door from all the leaves.
Next we had an active break and played 'Romeo and Juliet'. In this game, players stand in two lines, across from a partner. The game leader calls out actions and the last pair to perform the action is out. The actions are: (1) Romeo and Juliet (one player kneels on one knee and the other player sits on her knee); (2) Wheelbarrow (one player holds the other player's legs); (3) Siamese Twins (players stand back-to-back and gasp hands between their legs).

We then moved on to having the girls fill out a paper showing or telling how they are a hero!
Here's what they wrote:
How are YOU a Hero?
  • "I am a hero because I am in the Karma Cameleon Club and we have fundraisers to help the needy."
  • "I am a hero because I cut me hair for cancer."
  • "I am a hero because I saved a girl from drowning, her friends sister pushed her under the water and put all of her weight on her shoulders and she stayed under. I pushed the girl off her shoulders and grabbed her. I saved by BEST friends life."
  • "I am a hero because I am thin but strong. I can help people by sharing and caring."
  • "I am a hero because I bring my mom stuff when she is sick."
  •  "Every morning I feed my cat and fish, in the afternoon yesterday I helped my brother with his homework and at night, before bed, I sometimes read to my brother."
  • "I am a hero because I am so friendly. I care for others. I can be a great friend. My personality is so great. My spirit is great. That is how I am a hero."
  • "I'm a hero because I care about people and I help my mom she she's sick. I also am a hero because I always put others first and give girl guide cookies to everyone."
  • "I am a hero because I am nice to all of my friends at Guides. I don't judge a book by its cover and you shouldn't too. Always be a nice friend to everybody you know."
  • "I am a hero because I help others when they are hurt or being bullied and stand up for them."
  • "I am a hero because I help people when they are hurt and I am kind."
  • "I am in Karma Cameleons at school and we have fundraisers to help the needy."
  • "At school I try to solve arguments because I am nice and helpful. I hate fighting so I help stop it between my friends."
  • "Giving to the poor."
  • "I try to be kind and help other people. I also try to clean things up so that others don't have to (ex. sink in bathrooms, garbage outside...). And I try to be like Jesus/God."
  • "I am a hero because my school has fundraised and we have made a school in Kenya.
The last activity of the evening was to create superheroes. The girls divided up into small groups and came up with a variety of characters with different superpowers.