Guide Program

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Healthy Eating & Active Living

The second and third meetings of October were dedicated to working on the Healthy Eating Badge and the Passport to Fun and Fitness Challenge from Alberta.

At first meeting, as the girls arrived, each Patrol was asked to choose an active game. Two to be played this week and two to be played next week.

After our opening, we played the first active game, Toilet Tag, as chosen by the Bluebell Patrol.

The girls then split up into patrols to plan a menu for a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks). We collected the menu plans for use next week. Afterwards, we had a brief discussion and group quiz about the importance of various vitamins and nutrients. As a part of this activity we looked at the Nutrition labels found on food products and how to read them.
(Answers are: D, G, A, I, F, C, B, E, H)

Another active game followed, this time Freeze Tag, as chosen by the Holly Patrol.

The next activity was to design a personal coat of arms. Each girl was given a sheet and asked to draw or write things that were important to her or she felt represented her.
Towards the end of the meeting we asked the girls to divide up into small groups and start creating a dance routine that they could teach to others (to be continued next week). We ended the meeting with a healthy snack - carrots, cucumber, cheese and ranch dip.

The second meeting started by having the girls finish up their coats of arms as they arrived. We then had our usual opening followed by an active game, Romeo and Juliet, as chosen by the Daffodil Patrol.

Once the girls had used up some energy, we passed out the menu plans from last week and copies of Canada's Food Guide. Each patrol then went through their menu to see if they had enough servings from each food group and made changes where needed. To share, each patrol picked their favourite meal or snack and told the rest of the unit about it.

We then continued creating dances that could be taught, and each group shared their dance with the rest of the unit. After that, we played our final active game, Everybody's It Tag, as chosen by the Violet Patrol.

Next we had a healthy snack of apple slices and orange wedges before starting our final activity. The last activity of the night was to make up a poster or commercial about healthy eating. All of the groups choose to make posters, some using them as part of a commercial and others using them separately.