Guide Program

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Welcome to Guides!

Welcome to another great Guiding year!

The Caledonia Guides, Pathfinders and Rangers had their first official meeting on Tuesday, September 12th with 12 Guides, 4 Pathfinders and 1 Ranger. Since then, we have gained 2 more Pathfinders and still have lots of room for new Guides!

As everyone was arriving, they were given a scavenger hunt card and challenged to get the initials/signature of everyone else on their card. This gave the Guiders time to check off/add girls to our list and talk to parents.

The Pathfinders led an active game - Everybody's It Tag - which is a favourite. Afterwards, the Pathfinders and Rangers headed off to do some of their own planning for the year and the Guides had a brief welcome discussion and shared some important things about Guides with our new members.

We then played a getting-to-know-you game with toilet paper. Each girl took 3-8 squares of paper and for each square shared something about herself. We limited the squares to 8 as some girls would have take many more! Moving on, we split the girls up into small groups and gave each group a sheet of paper with a heading - Outdoors/Camping, Arts/Crafts/Drama/Music, International/World Guiding/Cultural, Anything Goes. Each group had 2-3 minutes to write down their ideas and then we switched the papers, so each group had a chance to add ideas to each page. We now have lots of great ideas to work with!

The Guides then played Everybody's It Tag again, followed by a teamwork activity, Pass the Can. For this activity, the girls take off their shoes and sit in a circle. A large empty coffee can is placed on the right foot of one girl. Using only her feet, she has to move the can to her left foot and then pass it to the right foot of the girl beside her. The goal is to pass the can all the way around the circle without letting it fall or touch the floor or hands.

Our final activity of the evening was Guide Law Skits. The girls had to find a partner and each pair was given a Guide Law to act out. As we had 6 pairs, we omitted 'Share in the Sisterhood of Guiding'. The evening ended with a campfire led by the Pathfinders, handing out newsletters and Goodnight.