Guide Program

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

First Aid

Tonight we worked on the Guide First Aid Badge and Learn About Safety section of the program, and finished off the Pathfinder Safe at Home or Out and About Module.

The evening started out with 30 minutes of  Patrol Time, and each patrol worked on a different activity:

  • Trillium Patrol - " " - brought the supplies to cook an egg in ashes, but hadn't considered that we have no where to light a fire at our meeting place, so they learned how to cook scrambled eggs and clean-up afterwards
  • Rose Patrol - "How Fit Are You?" - took a fitness quiz and played active games
  • Pansy Patrol - "Bear Necessities" - attempted to build a structure from bamboo poles, string, newspaper, tape and straws that would hold food up off the ground
  • Daffodil Patrol - "Date To Dream" - talked about their hopes and dreams for the future, and worked on an article about self-esteem
After tidying up, we had our usual opening followed by a lively game of Everybody's It Tag.

Our first program activity was a discussion about first aid. A number of the girls had learned a bit about first aid either in Brownies or through a course, such as babysitting or staying home alone.

We then played a relay game to test their knowledge of what to do in different situations. Each patrol had a question sheet and had to run up and get the colour-coded answer cards from the opposite end of the room. One person would run up and get a card, then the patrol had to decide which question it answered before going up to get another card. The game was won by the Trillium Patrol, followed by the Rose and Pansy Patrols, who also had all the correct answers.

The next activity was to make personal first aid kits and talk about what each item would be used for. We used pharmacy pill bottles that were washed and had the labels removed - they were even blue! In each kit we put: 2 Q-Tips, 1 sterile gauze pad, 12 inches of paper tape (wrapped around a straw), 1 alcohol wipe, 3 safety pins and 4 bandaids. 

Our final activity was to act our different scenarios. Our Pathfinder and Ranger came up with a set of scenarios and the Guides were divided into pairs and showed the rest of the Unit what to do in different situations.

We closed with Taps, and handed out newsletters and Easter treats as everyone went home.