Guide Program

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

"I Want To Be... (Career Awareness for Guides)

For our first meeting after March Break, we learned about careers and explored the skills needed for different types of jobs.

The first 30 minutes of the meeting were Patrol Time, and each patrol started working on the activities they had planned out before March Break.
  • Trillium Patrol - "Rap Around the Clock" - made up raps and songs about safety
  • Rose Patrol - "Running" - did timed sprints and blocks of running
  • Pansy Patrol - "Time Travel" - looked at photographs from camps in the 1930s-60s and designed their own futuristic campsites
  • Daffodil Patrol - "Scrunchies" - measured and cut out fabric to make scrunchies and started sewing

We then had our usual opening and moved into our program. Each girl was given a worksheet and had to complete 3 activities:
  • I Could Be... - Girls explored 11 posters about different careers and choose two that interested them to learn more about. They also had the option of adding a different career, and had to explain why they were interested in that particular path. (Posters were created based on interests expressed by the Guides!)
  • My Resume - Girls filled out a simplified resume to highlight their talents and abilities. 
  • Getting the Job - Girls worked in pairs to answer sample interview questions.
They were then able to choose from a variety of different skill activities, grouped into 4 categories: Law, Arts, Animals and Working With People.

  • Exploring ... the Law - Here the girls could choose to test their knowledge of the Law or create a short exercise routine.
  • Exploring ... the Arts - This station offered a wide variety of activities grouped as Design, Drama & Dance, and Writing & Composing.
  • Exploring ... Animals - At this station, the girls had a chose of three different activities - making field notes, creating an activity to teach others about animals, or testing their knowledge with the "Creature Quiz"
  • Exploring ... Working With People - We had two options here, getting to know another Guide and learning some basic signs and finger spelling.
After cleaning up, girls were able to present their skits, posters and research. We then played an active game and closed with reminders for next week and Taps.

While the Guides were learning about Careers, our Pathfinders & Rangers cleaned out the supply cupboard - that hasn't been emptied in many years...