Guide Program

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Enrolment 2016

Tonight we welcomed 11 new Guides (one girl was absent) into our Guiding family! We also presented Membership Pins, badges and challenge crests.

The first half of our meeting we spent finishing up artwork, doing our usual opening ceremony, playing a game (Squirt), setting up and practicing for the ceremony.

Family members were invited to return at 7.30pm for our ceremony. We arranged the four Patrols into a horseshoe with the Guiders and Pathfinder at the bottom - all facing our audience. A table was placed at the top of the horseshoe with candles for the ceremony.

One Guider welcomed everyone and then the enrolled Guides/Pathfinders each read a piece and lit the corresponding candle:

The PINK candle stands for truth and honesty. The Guide Law challenges me to be honest and trustworthy. 

The ORANGE candle stands for thrift and sensibility. The Guide Law challenges me to use my resources wisely.

The GOLD candle stands for trying and doing your best. The Guide Law challenges me to recognize and use my talents and abilities.

The LILAC candle stands for respect, kindness and understanding. The Guide Law challenges me to respect myself and others.

The GREEN candle stands for the outdoors and nature. The Guide Law challenges me to protect our common environment.

The BURGUNDY candle stands for bravery and overcoming challenges. The Guide Law challenges me to live with courage and strength.

The BLUE candle stands for fun, friendship and adventure. The Guide Law challenges me to share in the sisterhood of Guiding.

Each Patrol was then called up and the Patrol Leader presented the girls who were to be enrolled. We used the standard enrolment ceremony from the program book, but everyone repeated the Promise together for each Patrol so no one had to say it on their own or was embarrassed if they forgot the words.

We then presented our newest leader with her Chief Commissioner's Gold Award (I think this is the first time this has ever been awarded in our town), and made her "one of us" my presenting her with her name tag. One of our Guiders was then presented with her 12 Year Membership Pin (she came along to help one night 9 years ago...). The last part of the ceremony was calling up each girl individually to receive her Membership Pin, Patrol Emblem, PL/PS stripes, Title Tape, badges and challenge crests. The families were thanked for coming, and we moved on to juice and treats.

Guides had to serve their guests first, and were then able to serve themselves. We had fruit punch, lemonade and cherry crumble bars. Here is the recipe:

Cherry Crumble Bars
2 cups       Rolled Oats
2 1/2 cups Flour
2 cups       Butter, softened
1 cup         Brown Sugar
1 can         Cherry Pie Filling (or other Fruit topping)

Mix rolled oats, flour, butter and sugar together. Pat into a lined or lightly greased 9" x 12" pan to form the base. Spread the pie filling on the top. Bake for 30-45 minutes at 350F. Makes 32 bars.