Guide Program

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Summer Camp at Camp Woolsey

Some call it fun and some may call it madness
 So come on along with us and forget your sadness
Happy campers are we, having fun 'neath the trees
And when we are gone, we'll be singing the song of ...

Camp, Camp Woolsey
Camp, Camp Woolsey
Camp, Camp Woolsey
Camp, Camp Woolsey, Camp.

Yes, I have just come home from my 6th year of volunteering with the Ontario Girl Guide Summer Camps Program at Camp Woolsey and am still humming the Camp Woolsey Song!
Ontario Girl Guides runs summer camp programs for girls of all ages at different sites throughout the province. The 2016 summer camp programs are running at:
  • Camp Adelaide (Haliburton) - Overnight Camp
  • Camp Carruthers (Kingston) - Day Camp
  • Doe Lake Camp (Huntsville) - Overnight Camp
  • Camp Ma-Kee-Wa (Orangeville) - Overnight Camp
  • Mississauga Girl Guide Centre (Mississauga) - Day Camp
  • Camp Woolsey (Dunrobin) - Day & Overnight Camp
  • Camp Wyoka (Clifford) - Day & Overnight Camp
Each week at camp has a different theme - this past week was "Looking Back in Time". I will be heading back to camp for another week in August, and am looking forward to "Nature Nutz"!