Guide Program

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Guiding Around the World

The meeting before Thinking Day was devoted to Guide History and World Guiding, including working on the Learn About WAGGGS section of the Program.

As the girls arrived, each Patrol was asked to come up with ideas for ways to stay safe online (as part of the Computer Skills Badge).

We began with our usual opening ceremony, followed by an active game chosen and led by the evening's Active Living Patrol.

Our first activity was to discuss the Patrol's ideas for online safety and come up with a Unit Online Safety Code to finish off the Computer Skills Badge.

We then moved on to learning about the B-Ps and the beginnings of Guiding. One Guider (me!) gave a short potted history of the roles of Robert, Agnes and Olave Baden-Powell in the early days of Guiding. Each Patrol was then given information on one of the B-Ps and asked to make up a short presentation. We wound up with tableaux about Robert, an interview with Olave, and a skit about Agnes.

We then played a game from Africa called "Spot the Lion".  In this game, players are divided into teams and a corner of the room is assigned as their home. Everyone stands in the middle with their eyes closed and the game leader touches the back of each player. On one player, she leaves a strip of tape. When they players open their eyes, they look for the tape. When they spot it, they quietly go to their home corner. If a player thinks she is the lion, she roars loudly and everyone freezes. If she is wrong, she is 'out' and the game continues. If she is right, the team with the most players at home wins. (This was surprisingly popular and the girls have asked to play it again!)

The next activity was called Find the Country! Statements were read out with the name of a country at the end. When the country was named, one player from each Patrol had to run up and try to find the country on a world map. The first player to put her finger on the country won a point for her Patrol. Everyone was shown where the country was prior to moving to the next question. (Again, this was surprisingly popular and the girls wanted to play it a second time!)
  • Our Chalet is found in ... Switzerland
  • Pax Lodge is found in ... the United Kingdom
  • There are 3 Girl Guide Organizations in ... Madagascar
  • Guides wear a maroon and white uniform in ... Qatar
  • Our Cabana is found in ... Mexico
  • Sangam is found in ... India
  • Guides are called Morshidat in ... Egypt
  • All girl members are Guides in ... Australia
  • Kusafiri has held a program in ... Ghana
  • Our Twinning Partner is ... Chile
  • Sparks are called Teddies in ... South Africa
  • Sparks are called Pippins in ... New Zealand
  • In 1958 Guiding began in ... Libya
  • Lord and Lady B-P are buried in ... Kenya
  • Guides wear light blue and Little Wings wear green in ... Panama
  • We are going to be earning the Sustainable Energy Badge from ... Ireland
  • A new member of WAGGGS in 2008 was the Guide Branch from ... Syria
  • Last year we earned the St. George's Day Badge from ... Norway
  • Guides promise to be responsible for their communities in ... Japan
  • A Guide is welcoming and she has team spirit in ... Haiti
Our final activity was called Footprints for Kusafiri. We asked the girls to try to name the World Centres and where they are located and then talked about how Kusafiri is the 5th World Centre and how it is different from the others (traveling World Centre). We shared the logo and then asked each girl to trace her footprint and then fill it in with symbols showing her Guiding journey.