Guide Program

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Guide Open House

We held our first meeting of the 2014-2015 Guiding Year on Tuesday, September 9th. After the success of last year, we decided to hold an open house to encourage new members to join us. We had 4 returning Guides, 2 transferring Guides, 4 advancing Brownies, and 2 girls who were new to Guiding join us for the evening.

We were also fortunate to have our Administrative Community Leaders join us to speak to parents about the need for Guiders. Unfortunately, we did not recruit any new leaders for Brownies, Guides or Pathfinders, but we did find a new Spark leader.

As the girls arrived, they made name tags with index cards, markers and stickers. They were then given a Human Bingo Card and went around the room asking other people to sign squares on the card.

Next up were a series of Find Your Place activities, where the girls had to get into a line according to first name, height; date of birth, month of birth, age, shoe size, etc. After this, we played Blob Tag to get everyone moving and to use up some extra energy.

We then divided the girl up into small groups and gave them the challenge of building a bridge between two chairs one metre apart. The only supplies were newspaper, scissors, tape, and a ruler. We tested the bridges to see which could hold the most weight. We were able to place 100 markers on one bridge before it was jarred - so it may have held more!

Our final activity was a compass story, The Wedding, where the girls had to go to points in the room whenever a compass point was named in the story.

With everyone worn out from this last game, we ended the meeting with a snack and showed a slideshow of activities from last year and talked about plans for Guides this year.